Walking through a mine-ridden field is a risk, you never know when you will step on a mine. In relationships, mines can be unresolved issues, pressures, unhappiness, loneliness, strife, anger or unforgiveness. You tread with fear not knowing what could just trigger a big bang.

You don’t have to go on living like that. Jesus is the great peace giver. He will give wisdom and make a way out of no way.

You don’t have to live each day in fear and torment. There is no issue too big for Him to handle. With Him you can resolve every issue at stake, you don’t have to keep postponing things you ought to deal with, He knows just what to do.

Your relationship can experience the peace and joy that it was designed to have as you allow God to clear the mines.

Proverbs 3 verse 5 says you should acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will direct your path. He is able to deliver you from all that is too hard or too big for you to handle.

He will clear your life and relationship of all mines waiting to explode. He will restore abounding love, joy, trust and kindness into your relationship.

Take the mines to Him, He knows exactly how to handle them. You don’t have to live in fear or torment. He came that you might have peace, overwhelming peace.

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