You have a God given responsibility to guard and protect the doorpost of your marriage. The entrance or gate of your marriage is very significant, you decide what comes in and what goes out of it.

God told the children of Israel to put the blood from the animal sacrifice on their doorpost. This protected them from the power of death that was ravaging the homes of the Egyptians and it kept them safe.

Start today. Diligently plead the blood of Jesus Christ over your marriage, the blood is still alive and full of the miracle working power of God. Come against strife, lack, division, adultery, pornography, drunkenness, the list goes on and on. Satan has no power over your marriage, braze up, you have unspeakable power in the blood of Jesus, put the enemy to flight.

Your marriage will bring God glory, we are praying for you. Rev 12 vs 11

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