There is no extra special relationship, no relationship has a rare ability to do better than others. Everybody has great strength and potential, none is better than the other. The basic difference is in what each makes of the potentials and abilities they possess.

Some go to great lengths to understand, develop and explore what they have. They read books, they investigate, and they put great effort into knowing and understanding what works and what doesn’t. They know what is good for them so they consciously feed on it and practice it.

They know there is no limit to the fun, joy, excitement and enjoyment they can experience, they understand marriage cannot be left to mere chance.

They are aware that there are laws governing relationship and the resulting outcome.. It is called the law of sowing and reaping.

Some people want to sow the wrong things and still expect things to be wonderful and some want to walk in ignorance yet hope things will work out just fine.

You have a great role to play in bringing out the great potential within your relationship. You need to know, develop and use your potential to the full.

There is no limit to the joy, the romance and the victory you can experience. God created every relationship to excel. Work with God and He will show you how. Be ready to glean from others what you don’t have.

No matter where you are today you still have potential you haven’t used and enjoyed. Get to work settle for nothing but the very best God has for you

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