For all who have ever succeeded in solving any problem, the state of their minds usually played a very important part.
No one is born with a great mind, they only learn to make great and right choices as they encountered challenges in life. Success comes through strong and joyful minds. Successful people would have to choose not to be discouraged, sad, or overwhelmed by the problems they face.

Your mind is important, it will lead you to either success or defeat in your marriage. To succeed you need to guard your mind, if all you do is choose to worry, complain, nag, and threaten the result would be sadness, quitting and failure. Your mind needs to be sound and strong for you to apply the wisdom of God to the challenges you face in your relationship.

Worry and sadness only worsens things, even though it seems like the natural thing to do, but for you to win, you need an encouraged and joyful mind. THE JOY OF THE LORD WILL ENCOURAGE YOU IN HARD TIMES SO LET JOY IN.

We can draw up two equations from all these.

Sadness + worry + nagging + complaining = Failure in marriage.

Joy + encouragement + wise counsel + God’s wisdom + sound thinking = Overcoming Challenges in marriage. The way you process what you are facing will determine your destination.

Put your mind on God and His word that is the way to perfect peace in tough times. No matter how long this problem has continued, start applying God’s wisdom now, make wise choices diligently and you will be on your way to having the last laugh.

God loves you, He sees what you are going through and wants to lead you to victory. Rise up and start applying your mind to joy, strength and courage.

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