Experiencing the goodness and joy of the Lord is so important for the well being of your marriage. Jesus said, in this world we will encounter tribulation but he also said we should be of good cheer because He has overcome the world. The basic characteristic of this world is sin and evil. Calamity and affliction is everywhere but Jesus makes all the difference.

Expect the goodness of Jesus in your life and marriage. God is a good God, He is not the author of evil or confusion, satan is. God takes delight in enveloping His people with His goodness and blessing. Even in the midst of man’s disobedience and rebellion, God still commits Himself to show His goodness and kindness to man.

God is the author of marriage, He has great plans for your marriage, the Bible calls it ‘plans of good and not of evil to bring you to your expected end’. Don’t ever let your circumstance push you to the place where you think God is responsible for the problem you are facing.

God is busy trying to get you to receive His wisdom that will bring deliverance. A lot of people say things like God is responsible for the evil they are going through and that God is using it to teach them a lesson.

That is so far away from the truth, for God is a good God, look out for the goodness of God, expect it, believe for it, confess it, thank God for His goodness and kindness toward your marriage everyday and expect it to increase. This will bring you to the place where you will enjoy much more of the goodness of God than you have ever enjoyed before until it overflows.

You can do with some more of God’s goodness, go for it!

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