With all that you see happening in your relationship, the fact that your partner has shortcomings, you will sometimes tend to respond by not being very committed to loving as you should.

You soon find out you have a reason not to be that patient, kind or respectful. You also realise that your spouse does not actually deserve the best because they have fallen way below your expectations.

For some at such times their level of impatient, and lack of tolerance increases, they quickly get irritated, frustrated and annoyed.

Other things soon follow such as rudeness, unkindness, pride, disunity, loss of cooperation, loss of interest and things just go on deteriorating.

You no longer enjoy the times of closeness, fun and intimacy as you used to.

Later on, a cycle is likely to set in where you start blaming each other for some of the things going wrong and later on for just everything that goes wrong.

Even though you will always find you have a reason for reducing your love (patience, kindness, forgiveness, selflessness, humility etc) the truth is you do not have any excuse for not walking in love.

Remember the wordings of your marriage vow you stood before witnesses and covenanted to take your spouse (the way they are) and committed yourself to LOVE first and foremost.

Your love will be tried, shaken, and some times seriously and vigorously tested over and over again but you need to keep renewing and strengthening yourself to love in spite of.

Your love should be without conditions, God has placed HIS LOVE in your heart, the love that can withstand pressures and overcome at all times, that is why you can keep going on.

The love of God is not a trap, it would bring the blessings, healing and favour of God into your marriage so don’t give in to the reasons, give yourself no excuse.

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