Compliments of the season to you, we are confident that this season will bring you and your spouse another opportunity to be more dedicated to each other.

God has given you this time of the year as an opportunity for fresh starts in your lives and relationship. Whatever you have been through in the year use this unique time to evaluate your life and relationship and prepare for a fresh start.

God always gives us opportunities to start again, the word of God says that if we repent of our faults, God will forgive us and relate with us as if we never missed it.

The year ahead promises to be an exciting one, one full of new ideas and great prospects. For you to enter into this year fully prepared for all the blessings and good things God has for you we advise that you evaluate your relationship and consider areas you can improve on.

The word of God says that if two of you will agree about anything you may ask for, it will come to pass, He will do it. You are much stronger together.

Consider achieving things together, walking in agreement with each other, the joy of accomplishing together far exceeds anything you can do on your own. What a wonderful thing to see all your desires come to pass.

Here at Marriage Fellowship our prayer for you in the New Year is that all your desires will come to pass and that your relationship and marriage will experience heaven on earth.

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