The purpose of any equipment is best explored when we find out what the inventor had in mind. The best way to successfully handle any equipment or tool especially the more sophisticated and complex ones is by going to the manual.

At times we want to pull a fast one, thinking we are familiar with things, and we try to use our experience to get things going. Such guess work can be very risky and costly at times. Each manufacturer wants all their products to perform at an optimum, they spend a lot of money on quality control, and all in a bid to ensure the consumers get their money’s worth.

We believe God ordained marriage to be super glorious, full of joy, love, peace, victory and all good things. We must never loose sight of the fact that we also have an enemy who is always seeking to mar all that God does. So that anytime things are not going well our first point of call should be the manual for marriage, the Bible.

In the Bible there is the wisdom for troubleshooting marriages. As we heartily read the manual, God will open our eyes to things we have overlooked, and taken for granted, and perhaps areas we thought we knew but just didn’t.

Lack of the knowledge of God and His will in marriage leads to the destruction of marriages. Is it possible that ignorance has caused and is still causing millions of marriages to fail?

God’s plan is for marriage to be So GOOOOD , heaven on earth the Bible calls it. We challenge you to spend more time in the Word of God knowing and practicing the Word, it will turn hell into heaven, it is not too late.

If your marriage seems to be performing below optimum, stop the guess work, get the manual.

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