Everyone needs to be appreciated. It refreshes, strengthens and takes every marriage to a higher and more joyous level.

Appreciation will bring out the best in both of you. It is the fuel that enables you to want to go the extra mile in supporting and standing by each other.

Appreciation is valuing and acknowledging the excellence and favourable side of your spouse.

To appreciate is to be grateful for, to enjoy, to cherish, to find worthwhile, to like, to praise, to rate highly, to respect, to treasure and to welcome.

Think about it, in what ways can you say and show your spouse that you enjoy, cherish, find worthwhile, like, rate highly, treasure and welcome him/her?

Get to action, do and say it. As you do it you will fall in love with each other afresh, you will be attracted to one another more than ever because whoever you appreciate you attract.

Above all, on the inside of you, you will find joy and a desire to go on forever if need be.

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