Most people want God to reign over their lives and relationship, however, it is also important to know that you have an enemy looking for a way to subdue you. This enemy is sin.

The word of God says you should not allow sin to rule as king in your body members and faculty because it will force or lure you to yield to it’s cravings and be enslaved to its lust and evil passions.

You can stop yourself from yielding to violence, immorality, verbal abuse, pride and anything you know God considers to be wrong and destructive by submitting yourself to God. You can do it with the power of God.

Make Jesus the King of your life and following on from that decision, be willing to allow the word of God to rule your life and relationship.

You need to renew your mind of wrong or loose thinking that leads to a sinful behaviour. Be strong and resist offering or giving your bodily members and mind to sin as a tool. Become a tool devoted to God, not otherwise.

Change your friends, the sort of things you watch, spend your time in things that are Godly and that will challenge and encourage you to live for God.

Be truthful to yourself if you know you can’t do this on your own, humble yourself and get help. Do it now.

The devil is looking for as many people as possible to ruin their lives and future. God loves you, remember the story of the lost son, it doesn’t matter how far you have gone from Him, He is waiting for you to come home.

If you are strong, look out for others and offer to help with love.

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