Disagreement is something you must learn to manage properly in your relationship.
To disagree is to lack harmony, to differ in opinion, to be at variance.

Disagreement when approached with the right rules is not bad in itself and on the other hand if handled wrongly can bring pain and regret.

Disagreement should not be viewed as a threat, or a personal attack it is simply put a different approach.

A disagreement is not bad until you begin to walk outside the love of God.

Disagreement should not include rudeness, strife, unkindness, pride, arrogance, verbal abuse, violence, impatience, or selfishness.

When disagreement is done in love then it is not a threat, after the issue is settled your relationship would be fine as against when you disagree outside of the love of God, you leave your marriage battered, and your feelings for each other negatively impacted, long after the issue is over.

Set the law of love to govern your disagreement, examine, find out what you do wrongly and make up your mind to work out the love of God in your disagreements and you wont be afraid of your spouse having a different opinion because you know your love life is safe.

Keep your love life secure even in disagreement and your marriage will grow happier and stronger.

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