Communication is one of the most important aspects of the human race. Man has developed many different ways of communicating and a lot of advancement has taken place in this field. We now have, to mention a few, the radio, television, minidisk, cassette, compact disk, mobile phone, computer etc.

Let us examine just one of these, the computer; this can be a very fast and effective way of communicating with one another, especially if you have access to the Internet through via broad band. However, experience has proved that no matter how much money you spend, the computer, soon becomes ineffective and obsolete. Most people move along with the flow of creativity.

How flexible and creative are you in communicating with your spouse? Make it fast, effective, full of fun. Your marriage needs to be the most important part of your life, be prepared to do your best in this area. Communicate regularly and in different ways, you could use the email while you are at work or the mobile phone text message service. Meet together for lunch one of these days (you sure can find the time when you realize how valuable your spouse is to you). You can communicate through both expensive and inexpensive gifts, flowers, e-cards, post a card to his/her office. Put a love note in your spouse’s purse/wallet.

Do not forget that the load of information you process in your marriage keeps increasing and getting more sophisticated. If your system of communication is old, slow, ineffective and clumsy it might soon crash. Find out from your spouse how well you are doing in this area, you might need an urgent overhaul or total refurbishment. Remember, you also need to make provision for regular updates.

The truth is that this has helped us in our own marriage, and we can say we are getting better each day. Learn to do an overhaul when necessary and perform a complete renewal to avoid a crash.

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