Tender Grapes


Your marriage and relationship is faced with an enemy that tries to spoil it. This enemy is out to suffocate the life of your relationship, it wants to take fun out of it. The Bible says in Songs Of Solomon chapter 2 verse 15: Take us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes. Your marriage and relationship can be compared to this…

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Help in Times of Trouble


God is the greatest help anyone could have in times of need, the only thing is He needs you to welcome His help in your need, He wouldn’t just invade your life. Daniel was in trouble and was thrown into the lions’ den, that sure is big trouble, God was right there by his side in his time of greatest need to make sure the trouble did not consume him….

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That Same Love


When Jesus was on the earth He went through a lot of pain and betrayal from those very close to Him. We can learn a major lesson from the way He handled them and didn’t allow that to affect Him negatively. One of the greatest challenges you will come to realise you will have to face is how to react to someone you love dearly but still might hurt you…

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Use the Right Fuel


There are two kinds of wisdom available to everyone in all their dealings in a relationship. The first one is the wisdom of God and the other is the wisdom of the world. The wisdom of the world is readily available, you will come in contact with it more often than the wisdom of God. Before you choose you need to know what result you want. The wisdom of God…

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Sowing and Reaping


Have you wanted things to get better, for your relationship to be a lot of fun, both of you becoming great friends, where the time you spend honouring, appreciating and enjoying each other far outweighs the misunderstandings you experience? This is not something you stumble into, it doesn’t just happen it is made to happen. When a farmer goes into his farm, he goes with a seed, the quality of…

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One Of Your Best Friends


One of the things that God has given to help every marriage and relationship work is joy. Joy is one of your best friends that is why it comes under so much attack. Every pressure and strain affects your marital joy. Joy comes from God it is God’s gift to you so you must learn to value it, do not take it for granted. Without joy your relationship will be…

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Time To Remember


Life can sometimes be very stressful and strenuous, such times when so many things go wrong at the same time and nothing seems to be going right. You fast, pray, sing, cry, shout and do everything you know to do with little or no success. The results are screaming at you saying God is not that good after all, if He is why is He not helping me. A very…

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A Way of Escape


What do we do when marriages and relationships are going wrong on a massive scale? When things keep going worse, with no hope of joy in the future. In this day and season it is usually not uncommon for you to look around and find so much pain and hurt. You might be tempted to ask ‘Is God angry with us or is there so much disobedience to God in…

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Be Kind To You


Kindness is not just what you do, it is who you are. For you to be genuinely and continuously kind to your spouse, the love of God has to be in you. Love is the nature of God, it is not just what He does, but this is who he is, that is why He never stops loving you. With the nature of God in you, you have the ability…

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Love Is Patient


Most people are attracted towards each other by such a wonderful current of love and happiness, it is so beautiful and it is possible to think that nothing could ever go wrong. This is called romantic love. Romantic love on its own cannot keep any relationship, you need the unconditional love of God. One of the ways you express this love is through patience. Your spouse will not always please…

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