A Fertile Farmland


Your marriage is just like a wonderfully fertile farmland with great potential. Your marriage has been created by God with the ability to accomplish and realise great levels of love and friendship, way beyond the ordinary. Just as in all farmlands you need to understand your land, all land areas are not the same, you need to prepare the land and sow seeds in a way that would bring very…

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He Is Greater


Greater means excellent, most high, the ability to always prevail over. Jesus lives on the inside of you and He is greater than any test, pressure, or temptation you might be facing. The pressures that you face that seek to tempt or lure you from the truth and that try to put pressure on you to do the wrong thing are not of God. Looking around, you probably realise that…

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The engine of a car will sometimes overheat, at this time it is working so hard but producing little result. When a car is overheating it means the cooling down process is faulty. If you merely wait for it to cool down without rectifying the fault the situation is likely to repeat itself. Your relationship can be likened to a car, for you to get it to work efficiently and…

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Quench The Hurt


There is no relationship that doesn’t have its own rough and difficult times. For instance, when one or both of you are disappointed and hurting, believing the other person is making life difficult just because they refuse to do the right thing. Offences hurt, sometimes it might not directly be any ones fault but a product of a wrong or late decision. Whatever it is, all you know is that…

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Let It Change You


Everyone has things they wish they never did and if they could they would want to go back and do it differently. Do not let such issues overwhelm your relationship. Don’t allow the guilt of what you did not do quite well enough spoil your relationship now or in the future. In areas where you wronged your spouse, others or God, go to God confess your faults to Him and…

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Put Your Lights On


The only way to drive safely in poor visibility is to have your headlights on. Some other times you might even need to put your fog lights on. Your relationship can be at it’s best even though there is gross darkness all around. The Light of the word of God will guide your path in your relationship. With the Light of the Word your relationship will work, the Light will…

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Embrace His Life


You probably know the story of how Jesus took the sins of all mankind and died in your place taking the penalty of eternal death and torment. How wonderful to know the story didn’t end with death but that He rose again unto a new life. Think about it like this, since He died for your sake He also rose for your benefit and glory. The life of Jesus has…

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You’ve Got The Power


It is a wonderful thing to be victorious, to know that you have the power and the ability to turn any and every negative situation around. We wish you won’t have problems but as long as you are on the earth you will have problems, Jesus said. Beyond every problem God has given you power, the ability of God is yours to use in turning every situation around for your…

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Challenge Your Spouse


Every spouse would most likely have at least one area they desire to see their spouse change, one thing is sure, you cannot change him/her. Some people enter into a relationship believing their spouse will change or they will succeed in changing their spouse. To take the task of changing anyone is to attempt the impossible, you don’t have the ability to do that. Most people only end up being…

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Living In The Blessing


The first thing God did to Adam and Eve was to bless them. This is to show you that God has blessed your marriage as well. By blessing them God empowered them to succeed, so also your marriage is blessed in Christ Jesus. Jesus died so that your relationship will be blessed. Satan wants you cursed that is why he will do anything for you to be ignorant of God’s…

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