Realising Your Dreams


Everyone entering into a relationship does so with a dream, an ambition and an aspiration. Something you consider to be your goal, a destination you hope to reach some day. God places a desire and the hope of a blissful relationship in you He wants you to have heaven on earth. Just as in all other aspects of life, there are right and wrong ways of aiming for these goals,…

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Stand Out


In this day and age the world is full of marriages that are falling apart, with self-centeredness, violence and immorality reaching very high levels. In the midst of all this you can stand out and be different. While every one else is just living for themselves you can stand out and be a selfless couple, each of you looking out and living for the good of the other. Choosing to…

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Think Of Something


It brings one such a wonderful feeling to know that someone else is thinking about you. When you and your spouse show practical love and care, it is a key to winning each others heart. Think of something you can, not just say, but do, to help to make life easier for your spouse. Meet a need, help to reduce pressure by offering assistance. It will require you to think…

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Make Plans For Fun


Due to constant demands surrounding you it is easy to just have a stereotype kind of relationship where something special hardly happens. There are so many things demanding your attention at work and in your family. Deadlines you have to meet, bills to pay, career pressures, such that at the end of it all without realising it you have given the best of your skill, talent, energy and strength to…

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Back It Up With Action


It is very wonderful when spouses take time to express their love through words, and you should do it as often as possible. What you also need to know is that just saying it is never enough, you need to back it up with actions. You shouldn’t get used to just saying it, act it out. Love is an active word, for it to be real and lasting it must…

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Build up With Words


The words that you speak are very powerful and have effect on your life and marriage. There is life in your tongue, God created you to have life in your tongue so that you can use it to bless and beautify your life and marriage. Words are seeds that eventually bring forth a harvest whatever you want to see happen in your marriage start by sowing the seed now. Don’t…

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The Path Of Blessing


Serving each other is what Jesus calls the path to blessing. Jesus washed His disciples’ feet, He was actually showing them how far it was their duty and obligation to walk in love. Love is to be expressed through their service to each other. Married folks should follow this great example by being willing and ready to do whatever is required to make the other blessed and comfortable. Think about…

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Living A Life of Great Quality


Every marriage should have goals; consciously set goals to live for. The word of God gives examples of goals you can set and live for. These are the ways that God has recommended we live: Live in harmony and be of the same mind, be of one purpose, have the same love, be in full accord and of one harmonious mind and intention. Stay away from contention, strife, selfishness or…

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Abundant Living


Life has a lot of challenges, in spite of all the things you might have to face, God‘s plan is that you overcome all of them and live in victory. God wants you to prosper spirit, soul and body. Every problem you face has an answer. You can overcome every one of them. Jesus died to give you abundant life. Jesus died so that you might have abundant life to…

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