Overcoming the pain and pressures of Life in Your Marriage


It is very important for you not to be oblivious of the numerous factors in life that influence your marriage. You face these factors 24 hours a day week in week out. One question you must explore is how these factors affect your marriage and what you need to do to keep them from overwhelming or hurting your relationship.   Every marriage is different so a crucial factor in one…

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Put It Away


Your marriage relationship will experience a turn around for good if you realise that anything and any one that comes between you and tries to separate you or cause you sorrow should be put away. You should never allow disappointments, failures, differences, unfaithfulness, people or any other thing cause you to put yourselves away or gradually move apart. Instead understand that it is that thing or that person that should…

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Dictionary defines forgiveness as to cease to resent, pardon, acquit, overlook, release, free or pass over. This is a very powerful tool in God’s hand. As you walk in forgiveness you loose your right to be hurt, this is God’s way of freeing you from the oppression and bondage of offences. Offence can have such a strong hold on your heart and mind even to the point of you being…

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You Are Not Alone


This week’s devotional is dedicated to you, at this time in our generation when the institution of marriage has been badly battered. We want you to know that you are not alone, Marriage Fellowship is here for you, to encourage, support and agree with you to see heaven on earth come to pass in your marriage. In whatever situation you find yourself: barrenness, unhappiness, financial struggles, a seemingly oppressive relationship,…

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Missing You


A marriage relationship is meant for companionship and fellowship. God’s intention is for you to enjoy each other and have fun while doing this. As your marriage grows there is the tendency to forget the reason and purpose for which you came together and therefore you begin to drift apart. It is important to recognise and understand the purpose for your relationship and to have a target as well as…

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Communication is one of the most important aspects of the human race. Man has developed many different ways of communicating and a lot of advancement has taken place in this field. We now have, to mention a few, the radio, television, minidisk, cassette, compact disk, mobile phone, computer etc. Let us examine just one of these, the computer; this can be a very fast and effective way of communicating with…

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Solid Foundation For Your Marriage


God is the author of marriage and the Bible contains all the principles needed for your marriage to operate excellently. Without any doubt the Word of God is the rock on which all marriages must rest, the Bible is the perfect manual for Marriage. Over the years man has gradually moved away from the Biblical principles of marriage and has replaced it with so many traditions and good ideas. Romans…

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Guarding the Doorpost


You have a God given responsibility to guard and protect the doorpost of your marriage. The entrance or gate of your marriage is very significant, you decide what comes in and what goes out of it. God told the children of Israel to put the blood from the animal sacrifice on their doorpost. This protected them from the power of death that was ravaging the homes of the Egyptians and…

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Praise – Highly Recommended


God loves it when spouses come together to praise Him, He demands it, and He expects it, He loves it, and He rewards it. You can only praise God up to the measure to which you value Him. You cannot praise God beyond your value for Him. The more you value God the richer your praises to Him. God dwells within your praises, as you both praise Him, His presence…

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The Bow and Arrow


The marriage relationship can sometimes be likened to the bow and the arrow. They both function together, neither is more important than the other. They perform different roles, yet are equally significant. No matter how sharp the arrow is, it cannot launch itself, likewise the bow can do nothing on it’s own. Roles can be exchangeable between the husband and wife, sometimes the wife is the one supporting the husband…

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