God’s Plan 4 You


God’s plan is that every married person who desires would have children of their own. It gives Him joy to see that potential used by His children. God is not the author of barrenness, satan is, this is his handiwork. The good news is Jesus came to destroy all the works of the evil one including barrenness. The word of God shows us his purpose and will in this situation….

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There Is Power In His Name


The name of the Lord was so awesome to the people of Israel in the Old Testament, they never played with God’s Name, they saw it as so awesome, something to be hallowed. They knew it represented the very fullness of God. All of God’s power is in His Name, His essence, His integrity, all that He was, is and ever will be is in His Name. There is power…

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You Have The Victory


We define barrenness for a married couple, as not being able to have a child of their own. This can be due to various reasons or sometimes even no reason at all The Author Of Barrenness God is not the author of barrenness. Satan is the one who comes to steal kill and destroy, so that anything that has that characteristic is his work. Children are blessings from the Almighty…

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The Battle Is The Lord’s


God wants to be your guide and help through life, He wants to be there to empower and encourage you, give you wisdom every step of the way. You cannot win satan your number one enemy in your own strength, God wants you to join forces with Him. You see Jesus has been there before and he has defeated the devil and all his demons. He’s got all you need…

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Be Full Of Hope


Hope in the Bible means two things, one is to yearn for (to thirst, long and hunger for something) while the second is a confident expectation with sure basis. When you say you have hope in God or you are hopeful, what you are saying is you have a confident expectation that what you are believing God for will come to pass. Hope, according to God’s word is very much…

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