The words that you speak are very powerful and have effect on your life and marriage. There is life in your tongue, God created you to have life in your tongue so that you can use it to bless and beautify your life and marriage.

Words are seeds that eventually bring forth a harvest whatever you want to see happen in your marriage start by sowing the seed now. Don’t dwell on the negative rather, sow what you want to see come to pass.

The way you do this is through words, especially as you begin to speak the promises of God into your relationship.

There will be a harvest of the seeds you sow, believe in your words, just as you are sure that when you speak unkind words anger and strife will be the result, you need to come to the place where you believe the words of love and peace will come to pass.

There is no situation your words cannot change. Every word you speak produces an effect.

Therefore it is time to be accountable, account for the words you speak, for as you consciously speak what you want you will begin to enjoy your marriage.

Anytime you speak a negative word before the harvest comes go ahead and apologise, humble yourself, accept you were wrong and make up with pleasant, loving and encouraging words.

Use your words to build up and strengthen your marriage. Your words will encourage and make both of you happy.

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