In the space of time we have lived, we have come to realise that financial challenge is one thing that is peculiar to all marriages and relationships. You will have to deal with it at one time or the other.

You might have also realised that your regular income does not increase anywhere near the rate of inflation. Meaning except you get a very very well paying job you will soon be struggling just to make ends meet which might put your marriage under pressure.

Most societies celebrate expenditure of wealth above creation of wealth. You receive more recognition when you buy the latest car, a bigger house, the widest TV etc even if you have to borrow to do it. Most people flow with the pressure forgetting that anytime you make a purchase someone benefits.

Now prices of goods and services keep increasing meaning if you are buying from a relatively fixed income you would later have to borrow to buy goods and services.

You have to start praying about what you can do to create wealth, much bigger than you can spend, this is the way to break the cycle of financial pressure. Prices of goods and services are on the increase they rarely come down and if they do they are sure to soon rise again, a good example is the price of petrol.

The word of God says in Romans 8 verse 2 the law of life in Christ has set you free from the law of sin and death. Lack and poverty, financial bondage is of the law of sin and death.

It’s time to get wise with your spouse, quit fighting start reasoning together. God is faithful to give you wisdom to create wealth more than you can expend so that you can also be a blessing to others. You live in a system find out ways the system can make you rich.

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