Valentines Couples Nite 2018


Valentine’s Couples Nite 2018 Marriage Fellowship presents Valentines Couples Nite.   This day has been specially put together to help your marriage blossom and flourish..   The evening includes: Great sessions to help strengthen your relationship An opportunity to renew your love and commitment to each other Meeting new friends Fun activities Loads of refreshment And a lovely Dinner   Date Saturday 10 February 2018   Venue High Leigh Conference…

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Couples Retreat 2017


Marriage Fellowship Presents   Couples Retreat 2017 A time to renew A time to refresh A time to revive your relationship   Date: Saturday 12 August 2017   Venue:  High Leigh Conference Centre Lord Street  Hoddesdon Hertfordshire EN11 8SG   Time:10am – 4pm   Lunch and Tea will be served   Registration Fee Early Bird- Register before 21 July £20 per couple Thereafter £30 per couple   To register call…

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Living in a Violence-free Relationship


Marriage should be a place where couples grow in loving and cherishing each other, this makes the relationship happy and pleasurable and as love grows you should value each other the more. Growing in love comes along with the reality of you having to deal with disagreement, anger, jealousy, and so many other pressures that life may bring.   Some people result to violence or some form of abuse as…

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Overcoming the pain and pressures of Life in Your Marriage


It is very important for you not to be oblivious of the numerous factors in life that influence your marriage. You face these factors 24 hours a day week in week out. One question you must explore is how these factors affect your marriage and what you need to do to keep them from overwhelming or hurting your relationship.   Every marriage is different so a crucial factor in one…

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The Power of Faith


You have in you the power of the Almighty God to move mountains in your life, to accomplish every desire God has placed in your heart. God loves you so much as His child He wants you to know by experience all the success and victory He has for you. The way to walking in victory over every challenge you face in life is through faith. For whatever is born…

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Obtaining Perfect Peace


God wants you to experience His perfect peace in all your endeavours. In the midst of uncertainties, disappointments and ever increasing demands you will realise it is naturally impossible for you to be at peace. God knew this, He knew the pressures you will face and therefore made provision for you to prevail and live in victory. While others are miserable or are at breaking point, you have access in…

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The Joy Of Boundaries


A boundary is a line-marking limit to something, most people will see this as a negative thing but it is indeed a positive thing. God has given you His Word to serve as boundaries in your life, the Word of God provides the limit to what you can and cannot do. When you take the time to allow the Word of God to penetrate your heart and you obey the…

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