There is a natural law of deterioration, natural wear and tear, your relationship is not exempted from this law. By actively and consciously applying the law of life to your marriage, you give it the strength to overcome the law of descent or decline.

Your relationship just left alone would be daily if not every minute be affected by the natural law of deterioration. Most people have this notion and expectation that things are supposed to work themselves out and if not then something is wrong with the relationship. Relationships and marriages naturally wear out except you do something to input life into it.

You can input life starting from your thoughts, remember when you first met how the thought of your lover brought joy and excitement to your soul but with time and pressures of life you find it slowly wore out.

That needs to be restored, God wants to help restore the fun and joy you had in each other. A good way to bring back that sense of value is to be thankful. Appreciate your spouse before God. Look for something to be thankful for, don’t leave out the little things put the pressure aside. The more thankful you are, the more the joy of the Lord and love for each other will pour from the inside out. In the beginning this might be difficult but keep trying no matter how you feel, it only shows how far away you are from where you need to be.

The next areas you need to look into are your words and actions.
You might discover how much you have changed in this area, how stingy you have suddenly become with loving, warm, adoring, affectionate, caring words and actions. Do your words and actions still show how fond you are and want to be of each other?

You might find you have archived some really happy and memorable things, those are the very things you should never stop saying and doing, they pour life into your marriage. It’s not too late God wants to revive and even better what you used to have.

You can put life back into your marriage, with a good determination and a heart full of the love of God to change your thoughts, your words and your actions.

God wants you to have a great marriage, you have a conscious and deliberate part to play. As you do your part be encouraged God will honour your efforts and before long your marriage will blossom with the love of God. Marriage is God’s special gift to you to be enjoyed to the full.

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