It is very wonderful when spouses take time to express their love through words, and you should do it as often as possible. What you also need to know is that just saying it is never enough, you need to back it up with actions.

You shouldn’t get used to just saying it, act it out. Love is an active word, for it to be real and lasting it must be backed up with actions.

Here we list a few actions you can use as a guide to measure your love for each other :

I know you are not perfect so I will be patient with you in your mistakes.

I will look for opportunities to be kind to you by being good.

I will not walk in envy – be competitive or possessive, it’s okay if you are ahead of me.

Rather than be arrogant or rude I will display courtesy and good manners.

I will act selflessly putting your needs and health first always, not demanding precedence.

Rather than be rough, irritated, touchy, or hostile I will be graceful when I am under pressure.

I will seek to forgive and erase all resentments I will not keep account of wrongs done to me. I will be quick to forgive you.

I will seek to advertise your good not your shortcomings or evil reports.

I will defend and hold you up rather than be suspicious, I will seek to believe the best about you.

I will continuously be hopeful, I will never give up on you but I will seek to always affirm your future.

I will persevere and remain loyal to you to the end.

This is definitely a good way to aim to making your love go further than words into action.

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