Life has a lot of challenges, in spite of all the things you might have to face, God‘s plan is that you overcome all of them and live in victory.

God wants you to prosper spirit, soul and body. Every problem you face has an answer. You can overcome every one of them. Jesus died to give you abundant life.

Jesus died so that you might have abundant life to provide ease and joy to all you will come to face in life.

God wants you to have an abundance of all good things that you need, to make life and your marriage pleasant and a joy. Abundant joy, peace, success, patience, prosperity, and victory.

You need to exercise your faith in His ability and willingness to provide for you in order to enjoy all that Jesus died to give you.

Have confidence in the life of God flowing into every sphere of your life and relationship. The life of God will expel death. Death in the form of lack, unforgiveness, sicknesses, strife, and any evil that is a threat to your life and marriage.

Thank God for the life of God, expect it in abundance, expect it to flow freely and abundantly in you. God has life in extravagance for you to walk in His glory and power everyday.

Live with the consciousness of the life of God available for you. Spend time in the word of life. Let the life of God rule and dominate your life and marriage.

You cannot afford to live without the life of God, welcome the life of God in your relationship, by faith, everyday.

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