In every decision you make God ought to come first. There is a tendency for you to do things based on your desires and feelings alone or just what you can see, feel or hear. Before going ahead with any decision you need to find out what God would rather have you do.

He loves you and has your best at heart, so that everything He tells you to do would always bring you joy peace and victory in the end. Stop handling your own business and start deferring to Him.

God knows things you have no clue about, His knowledge is limitless, He is full of wisdom, He has never failed and would never disappoint you. The real issue here is trust. Trust Him above what you know, think or feel is right.

The way to act wisely and get wonderful results is by seeking His ways of doing things above yours.

The Word of God should be final authority in all matters concerning your life and relationship, as you do this God guarantees you will ALWAYS be glad you did.

He is perfect, you are not, so listen to Him

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