What do we do when marriages and relationships are going wrong on a massive scale? When things keep going worse, with no hope of joy in the future.

In this day and season it is usually not uncommon for you to look around and find so much pain and hurt.

You might be tempted to ask ‘Is God angry with us or is there so much disobedience to God in the land that God has withdrawn His joy and peace.

In our society it is a common occurrence for at least two out of three siblings to have serious problems in their relationships.

There is an example in the scriptures of how God sent Jonah to the city of Nineveh and told them of an impending destruction if they didn’t return back to God. The King and the elders of the land called their people to fast, pray and return to a life of obedience to God. This was their way of escape from wrath and entrance into God’s peace.

If God did it then He can do it again.

We believe God is waiting on us to come together in one accord, seek His face and return to a life of obedience and He will heal our marriages and relationship.

Sunday 3 July 2005 is MFs Day of Prayer for Marriages and Relationships in London at 6.00pm at High Cross Church, High Road Tottenham, London N17 (3 mins walk from Seven Sisters Station just after College of North East London)

Let us stand together in faith believing God for healing and restoration of all that has been lost or stolen. Send us your prayer request today at prayer@marriagefellowship.org

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