Having a purpose for your relationship and believing God for the wisdom that would help to make your desires a reality is very important to the success and joy of any relationship.


Things happen on a daily basis that would put you under pressure and when that happens the natural thing to do is to quarrel or lash out in negative words or actions. But after calming down you might realise that all your actions have only set you back in your journey towards reaching your set goals


One thing every successful marriage is good at is practicing forgiveness. Forgiveness is not taking into account when you have been wronged or hurt. This does not mean you sweep the situation unto the carpet but that you make a conscious effort not to react based on the way you feel, because this only makes matters worse.


Pray that God will help you to practice forgiveness, when this happens you will continuously be sowing great seeds of love and joy that you will benefit from in the future.


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